I have been working as a Secondary Special Education Teacher for Guadalupe Centers Charter School District in Kansas City, MO since 2013.  I work with and provide services to students with mild to moderate disabilities.  I received my Masters in Special Education from University of Missouri St Louis in 2015.  I have been acting unofficially as the Transitions Coordinator for my school, because I saw the need for my students to have a coordinated plan to prepare them for their post-secondary goals. I became a Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Transition Liaison in 2018, so I can learn and teach others best practices in transitions topics.   In order to become an effective Transitions Coordinator, I pursued my Masters in Transitions from University of Kansas to be finished in December 2019. This program has helped me to increase my professional knowledge and to develop and coordinate better plans and experiences to help my students and their families navigate the process and achieve their employment, education, and independent living goals after graduating High School.


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